The ShineWing International Partners Conference 2019 staged in Japan on 11-13 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019

ShineWing held its 4th annual International Partners Conference in Japan from 11 to 13 November 2019, bringing over 130 ShineWing partners from around 80 cities across the globe. The Conference in Japan demonstrates our global market coverage and specifically the future sustainable growth and expansion of the ShineWing network. The 3-day programme focused on key strategic initiatives to help steer greater development and unearth emerging opportunities in new markets globally through closer collaboration and effective communication among member firms.


“We are now in an era which is full of opportunities and challenges. We should actively respond to the ever-changing environment and meet the clients’ diversified needs, and to shape a future with sustainable growth through reform and innovation,” said Mr. Zhang Ke, ShineWing International’s Chairman. “This year’s theme, ‘New Journey, New Perspective, New Growth,’ will provide all delegates with the opportunities to share their experience in various professional fields, develop better understanding of unprecedented changes that are taking place in the international and regional accounting professions, and learn how to navigate investment opportunities and leverage geographical edges to achieve greater results for ShineWing.”


“In order to ensure the enhancement of our competitiveness in the future, we have to strengthen the business development in Europe, South America and Africa while maintaining the stability of our business across the Asia-Pacific region; and we should also complete the building, design and planning of our global brand, and carry out various brand promotion in the countries where our member firms are located,” added Mr. Zhang Ke.


The exclusive 3-day Conference provided each and every delegates from all member firms with the latest and relevant information on global and regional economic and geopolitical landscape. It also highlighted thorough discussions on our unique positioning and attractiveness, global economy’s changes and accounting profession, international brand strategy, formulation of effective brand and strategic priorities, challenges and opportunities of our member firms, etc.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for all the Partners who have come to participate in the Conference and provided their unwavering support. The Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020 would be an impetus to the domestic consumption and economy in Japan. Therefore, we believe ShineWing Japan would have greater room for development which can further accelerate the growth of our clients in the future. Since we joined ShineWing International, our firm has expanded its business by setting up bases for operation globally. We would further strengthen our collaboration with member firms of ShineWing and continue to actively promote accounting, taxation, IPO, M&A, audit and other businesses in Japan and overseas. Being one of the members of ShineWing who represents Asia, we would strive to provide seamless and premium services for our clients and make more contributions to the development of the ShineWing network,” said Mr. Minoru Sengoku, Managing Partner of ShineWing Japan.


The Conference featured leading ShineWing professionals and experts who offer insights and advice on critical issues and development plans. Keynote guest speakers included Mr. Hiroki Kitagata, Director of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Mr. Takehiko Nagumo, Managing Executive Officer of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, etc.


The programme also involved two panel discussions, leading in-depth conversations on driving growth through the brand and the intersections across the ShineWing international network. Four breakout sessions were also held to allow more interactive dialogues among the delegates on some specific topics such as tax, quality control for audit, investment and financing and serving Chinese Clients. These were designed to further strengthen relationships among member firms and develop the future of continued success and global growth through change, innovation and collaboration. 


ShineWing is proud to empower our people through this Conference, enabling us to develop deep knowledge of global service capabilities and our international development blueprint. We would work continually to enhance our exceptional client service and strengthen our position as a leading professional service provider in the world.