ShineWing DORNBACH made a business visit to China
25 Oct 2019
In mid-October 2019, Mr. Matthias Schenkel, Managing Partner, Dr. Thomas Tesche, Managing Director and Ms. Joyce Vergien, Co-head of China Desk, from ShineWing DORNBACH, our member firm based in Germany, paid a visit to China to promote business exchanges and development between China and Germany. During their 5-day trip, they travelled to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Tianjin to engage in comprehensive dialogue with different clients of ShineWing China.

Throughout the various business meetings with Chinese companies from different sectors, Matthias, Thomas and Joyce got a thorough understanding of the market demands, business models, client preferences and product differentiation in various cities in China.

Besides, supported by Beijing Union of Beijing Business Services, a seminar titled "Foreign Investment Opportunities in Germany", which aimed at giving an overview on Chinese investments into Germany, was held at the Beijing office of ShineWing China. This event has attracted more than 20 ShineWing clients who have businesses in Germany.

Ms. Leanne Liang, Senior Partner of ShineWing China, introduced the expanding global presence of ShineWing International and the wide spectrum of our services capabilities across the international network. Ms. Liang said, "Germany is one of the Europe’s economic growth engines. Being the largest national economy in Europe and one of the largest exporters globally, Germany has always been recognized as an ideal investment platform for foreign investors."

Matthias, Thomas and Joyce acted as the keynote speakers of the seminar. They provided a comprehensive analysis of the legal structure options, tax policies, and compliance requirements for companies based in Germany, and shared some professional insights on a unique type of German companies - Hidden Champions (Family businesses who stand out in niche sectors by their high quality products and above-average investment in R&D).

At the end of this 5-day trip, Mr. Matthias Schenkel, Managing Partner of ShineWing DORNBACH, commented, "Thanks for the warm and thoughtful hospitability from ShineWing China. This was a splendid and valuable opportunity for us to visit China and meet with different outstanding Chinese companies, namely COSCO Shipping Holdings, Masterwork in Tianjin, China Merchants Group, etc. We are glad to deepen our understanding of the corporate culture and strategies in China and share our professional advices on the topic of Foreign Investment Opportunities in Germany. We look forward to visiting China again in the coming future!”