ShineWing held a seminar titled "Overseas Investment Opportunities" for Chinese investors
15 Jul 2019

A seminar titled "Overseas Investment Opportunities", dedicated to exploring the markets in Australia and India, was held by ShineWing on 10 July in Beijing. About 70 participants, including governmental officials and clients of ShineWing, attended the seminar.

Ms. Leanne Liang, International Partner of ShineWing China, introduced the ShineWing International network and our global service capabilities. Ms. Liang said, "Australia and India have always been recognized as an attractive investment destination for China, given our same geographical locations in Asia Pacific and the different favourable trade initiatives for Chinese companies or individuals."

Mr. Blayney Morgan and Ms. Bessie Zhang, Partner of ShineWing Australia further introduced the economic, tax and accounting perspectives of doing business in Australia. They also discussed the foreign investment policies, differences in accounting standards and opportunities in energy and resources industry.

Mr. Atul Puri, Partner of ShineWing India, shared insights into the investment opportunities of diversified industries in India, subsidy scheme for Indian business and entry options for foreign companies. He also talked about the tax regime and financial reporting requirements of the country.

The event aimed at presenting the real opportunities available for Chinese investors and promoting the bilateral investments in both countries.