ShineWing’s Global Strengths
19 Nov 2018

With the resounding success of the 3rd International Partners Conference held in Chongqing, China last month, ShineWing has taken a huge step forward in tapping into the global market.  It has now been a predominant global trend for companies to harness emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, Internet and cloud computing to navigate the fast-changing business environment and explore opportunities for global growth.  ShineWing is here to help any businesses to think ahead, change, innovate and embrace the future.

Extensive and sound international network

ShineWing has a stable global network, with firms in 13 regions which are spread across over 60 cities around the world and more than 7,000 professionals.  ShineWing is able to enhance our ability to serve the dynamic needs of transnational clients with fellow members’ expertise and geographical presence.

Good market reputation

ShineWing has developed as one of the leading professional firms in the world, which provides a wide variety of accounting and advisory services for companies from different sectors. With our excellence, ShineWing has been ranked Top 20 among the global accounting networks since 2014 according to the World Survey of International Accounting Bulletin (IAB), and won the IAB “Rising Star Network” Award in 2015.

Particularly we have carved a niche in the China market, given our possession of professional qualifications relating to A-share, H-share, securities and futures as well as tax.  ShineWing has become one of the most trustworthy firms for state-owned enterprises and regulatory bodies in China.  We were also recognized as “The Most Reliable Accounting Firm by Chief Financial Officers in China”.  We have been serving around 60 companies of the Global Fortune 500.

Our strategic edge under the growing trend of technology

Technology has been a critical driving force in promoting social and economic development under the era of new economy.  With more than 30 years of efforts in exploring and developing applicable emerging technologies, ShineWing has been one of the industry leaders in providing technology-based solutions for clients to address key business challenges.  ShineWing has an integrated system for human resources management, financial management, time management, clients and project management as well as risk control, allowing us to combine and utilize resources to offer diversified and high-quality services for our clients.  With our seamless cross-border client services, wherever our clients are in, we can help any businesses to identify opportunities in both domestic and global markets to ensure considerable and sustainable growth.

Against the backdrop of globalization and China’s emerging strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, ShineWing will continue to lead a change with emerging technologies and strive to expand global footprint.