ShineWing International Partners Conference 2018 at Chongqing, China
19 Oct 2018

ShineWing hosted the 3rd International Partners Conference in Chongqing, China from 17-19 October 2018, bringing over 150 partners and guests from all members firms of the ShineWing network. Throughout this Conference, all key partners around the world came together to share insights into the theme of “Thinking Ahead – Change, Innovate, Embrace the Future”, pooling wisdom and discussing sound strategies together.

The three-day conference focused on how to build an interactive communication platform by combining global resources through emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet and cloud computing and how to promote the international development of ShineWing via digital economy.  There were keynote sessions covering a broad range of themes, including opportunities of the Belt and Road, IT service capabilities of ShineWing, transformation and upgrade of ShineWing driven by informatization, etc.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of ShineWing International, said, “The conference this year highlighted the change of digital environment and its impact on the profession.  In the past year, ShineWing has also made significant achievements in technological implementation and business transformation.  We have established a data processing centre in Xi’’an and a big data technology centre in Beijing.  We are also developing the international audit methodology system which will be implemented across our member firms.”

“We continue to build momentum to grow our international business and strive to become one of the leading professional services organizations in the Asia-Pacific region.  We will accelerate the pace of development in Europe, America and Africa, with the focus of China, whether it is inbound or outbound business.  We will also reinforce our work in global brand protection and lead a change through the utilization of digital tools,” said Mr. Zhang Ke.

Mr. Marco Carlei, Managing Director of ShineWing International, said, “ShineWing has a unique positioning, allowing us to be “The Gateway to China” wherever you are.  The Belt and Road initiative would further strengthen our premier position in the China market.”

Over the conference, there was a panel discussion on international corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.  A number of breakout sessions were also held, covering different topics such as tax services, application of information technology in professional services firms, cross-border business collaboration and referral services and management.

It was announced at the end of the conference that the ShineWing International Partners Conference 2018 would take place in Tokyo.