The 2016 ShineWing International Partners Conference at Melbourne, Australia
21 Oct 2016

The first ShineWing International Partners Conference was held on 19 – 21 October 2016 at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, Australia, the capital of the state of Victoria.  The conference, hosted by ShineWing Australia, brought around 90 key partners from across the 19 cities of the ShineWing's international network to build better relationships, develop stronger understanding of the important global market issues and deliver better solutions to our clients.  The theme of the conference this year was 「Collaboration, Shared Success and International Capabilities」.

The conference was officially opened by a welcome cocktail function on the 19 October night.  It was a three-day conference featuring senior international partners from different countries, including Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of ShineWing International, Mr. Ye Shaoxun, Managing Partner of ShineWing China, Mr. Marco Carlei, Managing Partner of ShineWing Australia, Mr. Roy Lo, Managing Partner of ShineWing Hong Kong, Mr. Akira Yamamoto, Managing Partner of ShineWing Japan, Mr. Kent Lim, Managing Partner of ShineWing Singapore and Dr. Ayman Kamel, Managing Partner of ShineWing Egypt.  Other keynote speakers included Dr. Gao Jia, Associate Professor of the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne, Ms. Paula Kensington, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Regus Australia and the Hon. John Brumby, former Premier of Victoria and National President of Australia China Business Council. 

Mr. Marco Carlei said in his official conference welcome speech, 「This year's conference is a landmark event in ShineWing's development story.  After joining ShineWing in 2015, ShineWing Australia is proud to have been afforded this opportunity to host Partners in our home country in the beautiful city of Melbourne.  I am excited to see all of our international delegates joining us here today to develop a stronger mutual understanding and explore more business opportunities.」

Mr. Zhang delivered his Chairman address, 「This Conference is our first significant ShineWing international conference to be held outside mainland China, it showcases ShineWing's growing global network.  ShineWing has been persistently working to build our international brand as a major professional services provider with global vision, global service capabilities and global influence.  The conference is a great example of how member firms of ShineWing network worked together to share greater resources of knowledge and experience and facilitate more active communications and dialogue.  Brand development should always be our top priority, that we would continue to devote our efforts to on our way to internationalization.」

We also had two panel discussions about intersecting opportunities and cross-border engagements during the conference.  Our international delegates further exchanged their insights in different industry group breakout sessions, namely from agribusiness, education, energy and resources, financial services, health and aged care, property and construction.  The conference finally concluded with the Partner and VIP client dinner, which allowed more opportunities for networking and sharing.  It was announced at the end of the conference that the ShineWing International Partners Conference 2017 would take place in Hong Kong.