ShineWing is going to launch the first International Mobility Program
15 Apr 2016
To equip our professionals with a global mindset and to facilitate their professional and personal development across geographies, ShineWing will launch its first International Mobility Program this year.  The program offers internal rotation opportunities for our talents, and creates a diverse and flexible working environment for them to advance their career and pursue new capabilities and potential.
Our International Mobility Program is a secondment lasting for around 4 to 6 months in short term or 2-3 years in long term.  Our people can be transferred to different ShineWing member firms, where the host firms/ cities currently included in the program are Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.
Through this program, our high performing professionals across the globe could enrich their experience and expand their horizons in different business and cultural environments.  They are given the opportunities to develop their technical and industry skills at an international level, explore new alternative ways of solving global complex issues, and build a stronger global business network.  The program also creates value for our clients in the way that our people could share knowledge and skills between ShineWing offices and could better serve our global clients.
ShineWing values our people, and we always help them to grow and exceed their limits.  We would continue to devote resources to support the program and hope to expand into more cities in the near future.