| Advisory |
Our professional teams from different markets offer a wide spectrum of advisory services, to effectively respond to the needs of our global clients. As a trusted advisor, we leverage the expertise and skills across our member firms to develop the tailor-made solutions for our clients.

| IT Advisory |
Effective use of technology is essential in improving business performance and minimizing risks. Our professionals with recognized business and software knowledge help you develop a technology-based strategy that resolves challenges in the dynamic environment. We offer a range of IT services, allowing smooth running of the business and ensuring significant business growth.

| Sustainability |
With an increasing concern about climate change and reduction of carbon emissions, sustainability becomes an integral part of the long-term strategic planning for a company. We can provide guidance in carbon audit and reporting, onsite assessment, data collection, as well as third party verification. We help to monitor and report your carbon emissions according to different local and international standards and regulations. This will help you assess risks, achieve cost efficiency, and identify any opportunities to achieve increased efficiency and growth.

| Corporate Finance |
Our member firms work together to cover all of your specific needs in corporate finance. The services we offer are varied, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, disposal, fund raising, due diligence, valuation, etc. The clients we serve range from individual or small businesses to large transnational corporations across all industries. With our worldwide network and profound experience, we provide insightful guidance at every step of the transaction process and help to maximize your business value.

| Risk Management |
Risk management has become indispensable to a company’s business operations and management strategy in this complex environment nowadays. Our risk management experts help to turn every risk into an opportunity. We are experienced in providing customized solutions to manage risks and increase transparency and accountability of the companies. Our core services include internal audit, internal control review, corporate governance, corporate compliance, etc.

| Management Consulting |
Management consulting services can help to enhance your efficiency and the business performance, whether your business is at embryonic, developing or mature stage. We offer a broad spectrum of consulting services in business planning, strategy, execution and monitoring. Our specialists from our global network offer the accurate consultancy support you require and propose the effective approaches in practical operation to meet your individual needs.